As part of adjusting to the new normal of wearing a mask everywhere we go, many of us are dealing with a frustrating new type of “breakout.”  This typically presents as little whiteheads that pop up on our face after wearing a mask all day long.  The term “Maskne” has been coined to describe this annoying eruption.

Maskne appears to be a sub-type of acne known as Acne Mechanica.  It is caused from friction/rubbing, heat, pressure, or constant covering or occlusion of the skin.

Clean Your Face

Some ways to help combat this annoying problem is to make sure you clean your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser.  An over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide wash or cream may also help.  These products work by killing off the acne-causing bacteria that lives in our pores.

Wash Your Mask

Make sure you wash your cloth mask nightly.  Your mask can be a culprit for harboring bacteria.  If you use a disposable mask, be sure to change it out daily.

If you continue to experience trouble with breakouts after trying these at-home remedies, please call 402-413-7460 to schedule an appointment to discuss more advanced treatment options or contact us.  Dermatology Associates of Lincoln is where we make YOUR skin OUR mission!

– Christina Meyer, PA-C