First Visit

appointment reminder

You will receive an e-mail, phone message, and/or text message to help you remember your appointment time.

before you arrive

If you provided us with your e-mail address, we will send you a message with instructions on how to create a Patient Portal account.  From your Patient Portal, you will be able to securely provide us with your contact information, medical history, list of medications you are taking, and your preferred pharmacy.  OR  You can download, print and complete the registration forms available on our website.  Be sure to bring your completed and signed forms with you to your appointment. 

You can save time in the waiting room by completing your paperwork before you arrive to your appointment.

Or you can complete your paperwork in the waiting room on our hand held iPads.


We are conveniently located at the southwest corner of 70th and South streets. Entrances into our parking lot are located on both 70th Street and South Street. Parking is located conveniently in front of the building. The parking lot and front door are handicap accessible.

bring with you

  • A valid photo ID
  • Your current insurance card(s)
  • Your Co-pay
  • Your full payment (if you do not have insurance)
  • Your completed and signed registration forms
  • A list of the medications you take.  Please include information about the dose and frequency.  Medications include prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, minerals, supplements, and ointments you are using.
Dermatology Associates of Lincoln, LLC


Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to provide adequate time for check-in.

What To Expect During Your Visit


The front desk will gather your demographic information, insurance information and medical history. The nurse will take you to a private exam room and review your medical history and medications before you see the provider.

The provider will try to address all your skin concerns during your scheduled visit. If you have a long list of concerns, you may need another visit to address all of the concerns.  Depending upon your diagnosis and treatment plan, additional visits may be necessary. If the provider determines that you need a procedure, you will be scheduled for another appointment to allow adequate time to complete the procedure.

Your comfort is important to us. Numbing medication is used before your procedure. We will play music to help you relax. And we will offer you a pillow to help you be comfortable during your time in the exam room.

The best outcomes are seen when you follow the provider’s recommendations on how to care for your skin when you return home.


If you have questions following your visit, please contact us at 402-413-7460.

Dermatology Associates of Lincoln, LLC


Dermatology Associates of Lincoln
6969 South Street
Lincoln, NE 68506
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Phone: 402-413-7460
Fax: 402-413-7486


Clinic Hours
M/W/TH/F: 8am–4:30pm
Tuesday: 7am–4:30pm

Phone Hours
M/W/TH/F: 8am–5pm
Tuesday: 7am–5pm